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  • Carlos Boavida Tilman



Surveillance, Epidemiological, Measles, Vaccine, Plan, Elimination of Virus


Introduction: The epidemiological changes of rubella measles in Timor-Leste, as well as the existence of outbreaks of the disease or disease in neighboring countries Indonesia, Malaisia and Australia and other regions of the world associated with information and communication. Being the updated epidemiological being peeled and in the point of view always be related to the vaccination status, which make it difficult to take dicisons based on the area of vaccination, spesially with respect to the optimal ages for administration of measles rubella vaccine1 and rubella 2 measles (VASRP I and VASPR II) in the evaluation of the program. This study deals with the most recent updates regarding the approach of the disease in therapeutic support, epidemiological surveillance and the encouragement of vaccination as the main form of prevention.  

Objectives: It intends to evaluate the adequacy of the vaccination strategy against rubella measles in force in Timor-Leste, which concerns the ages for the implementation of VASPR I and VASPR II in order to continue eliminar the disease in the national territory. 

Methodology: A study was conducted with 90 newborn son of mothers with different states vaccinated against measles rubella (0 dose, 1 dose and 2 doses) by health professionals. We also studied 90 adolescents/young people who underwent VASPR II at different ages. The data obtained come from two sources of information: history of documented vaccination of questionnaires applied by entrevita and serologic a information, was obtained by dosing the titer of antibodies especially antimeasles (ATS IgG) in sera, using the enzymatic immune method ELISA of the Kit EnzygnostrAnti –measles Virus/IgG of the manufacturer Siemens. 

Discussion: The rate of vaccination coverage of the measles vaccine increased from values of just over 38% in the generation born before 2005, with a single dose of vaccine, to values higher than 95% in the generation born after 2010 in two doses of vaccine.  The geometric concentration of ATS IgG in the umbilical cord increased with the increase in the age of the mother (OR=0.092; p=0.001). Newborns born to vaccinated mothers (p<0,001), regardless of the number of doses their mothers received (p=0.222). The mean geometric concentration (GGM) of ATS IgG in adolescents and young people decreases with the time elapsed since VASPR II tma (OR=0.244; p=0.0001).

Conclusion: The ages of vaspr I and VASPR II may have to be altered to adapt to the epidemiological changes that occurred in the late years in Timor-Leste and contribute to the elimicization of rubella measles in the national territory (PENSS 2011-2030, cited by Tilman CB, 2022).


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