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  • Alexandre Gentil Corte-Real de Araújo



The RDTL Institution Law, Children's Rights , Child Protection


Introduction: In general, to analyze Article 18 of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (CRDTL), which says that all children have the right to education, health, etc. We return to the condition of children who form their concern, when the conditions become aggravated as child labor, and lose their rights on the part of the family. Sometimes, children cover the sadness and used the other way to help the needs of the family, but the children's opinions should be heard all matters relating to their rights is fundamental.

 Objectives: To narrate and review   to ensure equal access and educational opportunities for all children and to identify and meet requirements that allow for the development of their capacities or aptitudes and their culture in each municipality of Timor-Leste.

 Methodology: Elaborated in the elaboration of deductive, based on research work in international articles of literary and legislative scholarly, whose current documentary sources will be cited in the bibliography.

 Conclusion: To be achieved to ensure the law of the constitution RDTL says, that the protection of children is the compression to respect the dignity of children, so with promises to be the well-being of children and also their protection against any way at risk and to enforce the right of children to seek the search for children. The solution that promotes the greatest possible benefit to children, also interprets and carries out a norm, should be inthe best interests of children. Therefore, parents have a responsibility to guarantee the rights of children and to develop with the freedom of justice and equality, such as the participation of 17-year-old minorities to have some educational resources and learn from anythingwith joy. And satisfaction of each child or minorities cited by (Corte Real AG & Babo Soares D.C., 2024).  


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