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  • Alexandre Gentil Corte-Real de Araújo



Religious freedom, constitution, state, laicity, implementation


Introduction: Religious freedom consists of freedom to profess their faith, freedom of conscience and worship duration, and is considered a fundamental right of citizens, which is positive in the fundamental law of state law. Religious freedom is a fundamental human right enshrined   in the United Nations of Human Rights in the implementation of the world (1948; cited by (Alexandre Corte Real & Carlos Tilman, 2023), and is positive in Timor-Leste fundamental law.  

Objectives: To examine the legal presuppositions of existing religious freedom and their legal effects on religious practice and enjoyment of religious rights by religious citizens and protection of religious confessions in Timor-Leste, to examine the fundamental susticulture of fundamental rights on religious freedom, identify gaps, challenges and propose legislative-alternative solutions to the protection of the rights of religious minorities to  freedom as a fundamental right that is exercised through religious confessions.

Discussion: Religious freedom is one of the rights of man and woman, that is, a right inherent to the human person and needs to be positive to berespected. The right of religious freedom in Timor-Leste requires a lot of reflection, because every right is related to the juridic order and the social reality of the country.  

Conclusion: To reach this goal, it has the finalide to analyze carefully about religious freedom, being a fundamental right inherent to the human person and show the challenges, before a country with so much multi cultural and religious diversity, maintain the laity, in the implementation practice that has and freedom of application cited by (Alexandre Corte Real & Carlos Tilman, 2023).


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